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White Paper about Citizen Services

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  • Last updated:2020-06-10
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I. Introduction

    “Convenience, Service and Efficiency” is the service aim and direction in which our prison always believes.

    We sincerely keep the faith of providing citizen services so as to realize society’s expectations and

    We simply use this “White Paper for Citizen Services” to illustrate our services and measures in the hope

    that you will have a clear understanding about our prison’s services so that you can achieve the quickest

    service. We are enthusiastically looking forward to your support and encouragement, because your comments

    and suggestions will be the motivation to improve our prison’s services.


II. Our Work

     Our prison admits the following inmates: A. Inmates charged by the Hualien Branch, Taiwan High Prosecutors

     Office and the Taiwan Hualien District Prosecutors Office for more than six months. B. Other inmates that

     meet the prerequisite stipulations of prison transfers are also housed here. Our main duties include criminal

     correction, guard and control, edification and education, assistance and guidance, skills training, sanitation

     and health, progressive corrective treatment and parole, etc., in order to promote effective reformation and



III. Convenient Services for Citizens

A. Single Window

     1. Services involve registration of visitors, money, articles and food delivery, procurement and

     2. Services involve inmate’s family’s application for imprisonment certificate, home visits, taking

         back money and articles under custody and paying rehabilitation fee.
     3. Service dealing with petition cases.
     4. For other services, please phone: 03-8537934


The environment of single window       The sign of single window

The environment of single window                The sign of single window


B. Procedure of Single Window Services for Citizens

       Procedure of Single Window Services for Citizens

            Explanation of the procedure:

            1.Sign in for visit or other applications.

            2.Show ID card and fill out the application forms.

            3.Hand the forms to single window staff on duty.

            4.Finish registration and enter the meeting room in order. Contact relevant sections to deal with



IV. Service Standard

      Our information desk and staff of any section must conduct services for citizens with sincerity, enthusiasm

      and efficiency so as to provide the most rapid and convenient services.

A. Services involve registration of visitors, money, articles and food delivery, procurement

     and enquiry:  Dealing immediately upon your arrival.

B. Service for inmate’s family’s application for imprisonment certificate:  Dealt with immediately

     upon your arrival.

C. Service dealing with petition cases:

     1. Dealt with immediately upon your arrival.
         As long as you come to our prison during office hours, our staff will treat you sincerely and

         listen to your petition with patience. If it is a case that we can handle immediately, it will be

         arranged quickly. For cases that we cannot handle immediately, we will explain to the

         applicants politely and transfer them to relevant sections to deal with them as soon as


     2. Telephone , Fax or E-mail petition cases
         For simple cases of telephone petition which can be handled immediately, our staff will give

         straightforward answers on the phone. For cases that cannot be handled immediately, they

         will be reported and sent to relevant sections to deal with them as soon as possible.

     3. If the petition cases have not been answered immediately, the time limit will be set depending

          on the nature of the business. The time limit will be based on Directions for the Executive Yuan

          and Affiliated Agencies Dealing with the People's Petition Cases, and the petitioners will be

          informed about the results within 30 days.

D. Service for Other Enquiries: Dealt with immediately upon your arrival.


V. Measures of Convenient Services for Citizens

A. Enhancing Visit Service


     1. General Regulations about Visit
         a. Meeting frequency:
             1. Fourth level inmates: once a week.
             2. Third level inmates: once four days.
             3. Second level inmates: once three days.     
             4. First level inmates: unrestricted.

           b. Who can visit the inmates: 
             1. Fourth level inmates and people receiving rehabilitation treatment are allowed to meet

                 with their closest relatives and family members.
             2. Third, second and first level inmates are allowed to meet with non-relatives (friends).

         c. Visitor numbers: Up to three visitors at a time.

         d. In order to strengthen ties between the inmates and the family and improve the quality of

               visitation services, we now allow family members between the age of 5-12 years old to visit

               inmates. This is an addition to the maximum visits of three members per session (only for

               third-degree relatives between the age of 5-12 years old).


     2. Telephone Meeting
         If inmates have special needs in the following situations, meaning that they must contact

         urgently with relatives, who cannot come to the prison in person, it is permitted to have a

         telephone meeting as a special favour (but inmates who were deprived of meeting by

         prosecutors and judges or who are still under inspection due to disobedient behavior are

         not allowed to have a telephone meeting):

         a. Inmates’ grandparents, parents, spouse or children have some severe illness for the time

         b. Inmates’ family suffers natural disaster or a serious adversity.
         c. Inmates’ family are too far, too old, disabled, or too poor to come for a visit.
         d. Inmates must contact with the family for solutions due to other urgent matters.


     3. Distant Meeting:

         If inmates’ family cannot come for a visit due to distance, illness or disability, they can meet

         with the inmates using a web camera provided in each local prison.
         a. Eligibility :
             Inmates’ family and closest relative, such as spouse, direct blood relatives, collateral blood

             relatives of third rank, and affinity relatives of  second rank. 

         b. Document Required:
             Documents that prove the relationship with inmates, such as an original copy or photocopy

             of household registry.

         c. Distant Meeting Application Form:
             Please download the form from the website of the Ministry of Justice(https://eservice.moj.

                gov.tw/lp.asp?ctNode=23461&CtUnit=6504&BaseDSD=27&mp=275&xq_xCat=1) or our

             prison’s(http: //www.hld.moj.gov.tw)→Services for Citizens→Download

         d. Application Procedure:
             1. Fill out application form and submit it together with documents required one week before

                 meeting. Use registered mail or fax to inmates’ corrective institute (see attachment) to

                 make application.
             2. After examination by inmates’ corrective institute, applicants will receive a reply via

                 phone,letter or email, and will be informed of a date and time.
             3. After receiving reply, applicants may bring ID card to the meeting room in the corrective

                 institute at the arranged time. After filling in the “Distant Meeting Register Form”, he/she

                 can use internet equipment to have a distance meeting with inmate.

         e. Distance Meeting in Our Prison
             Fax: (03)-8530390
             Hot Line: (03)-8532352


     4. Making Appointment by Telephone: 
         In order to shorten the arranging and waiting time for inmates’ family, they can make an

         appointment by telephone in advance.

         Application Procedure: 
         a. Inmates’ family which has got meeting record already can make an appointment in

             advance.It is limited to three visitors each time, and no reservation can be made for


         b. Time Table for Meeting during Monday to Friday
             Morning: 09: 00,  09: 40,  10: 20,  11: 00
             Afternoon: 14: 00,  14: 40,  15: 20,  16: 00

         c. Reservation Line: 03-8537934


     5. Cleaning the meeting room and waiting room everyday, and providing facility, such as

         public phone, air conditioner, drinking machine, desks and chairs, pen and paper, magazines,

         and Services for Citizens Booklets, for inmates’ family visitors.


     6. Example of application form is provided in the meeting room for inmates’ family’s reference.

         If inmates’ family is illiterate or disabled, our staff in the meeting room will be happy to

         provide assistance.


     7. Application for meeting and food delivery has been simplified to shorten the application time,

         so as to make the procedure more smooth and to improve service quality.


     8. When inmates’ family make an application for a visit, apart from the first time of making

         application when ID cards are required for checking, they can use other documents to prove

         their identity as long as this is permitted.


     9. Initially the fourth-level inmates (including non-level inmates) and people receiving

         rehabilitation treatment cannot meet their fiancée; applications have to be made every time

         before meeting.This does not accord with the goal of Convenient Services for Citizens. In

         order to simplify the application procedure to make inmates repent and mend their ways and

         improve themselves, as long as the applicants have approval granted by the head of Li and

         have been permitted by our prison, the fiancée does not have to make application for a visit

         every time.


   10. A notice board in the meeting room.
         a. It provides important information about our prison’s administration.
         b. It publicizes the meeting time table for national holiday in advance.
         c. It provides information about the single window hot line at the Department of Corrections,

             Ministry of Justice and service content for the public’s convenience to enquire and manage

             petition cases.


B. Procedure of Arranging for an Article (Parcel) Sent in

    First the inmates must make an application for articles to be sent in, and after permission, a

    “List of Parcel by Post” will be given. Then Inmates’ family should send items listed on the list

    and attach the list on the parcel cover. If no application was made in advance or the items are

    different from the list, the inmates should pay the postage to return the parcel. All parcels will

    be unpacked and checked by our staff before being handed to the inmates.

C. Simplified Procedure of Application for Imprisonment Certificate

    Inmates or their family can come to our prison in person or download forms form “Services for

    Citizens” on our website when they need an imprisonment certificate. (Our website: http: //www.


D. Community Service Group is set and receives application from relevant units within the district.

    The service group participates in local associated service, and adopted Gancheng Sect, Taiwan

    Road 9 Line C, to prune trees and clean community environment regularly, so as to complete a

    neighbor-friendly work.

E. In the waiting room, there is an administrative reformation mailbox, a prosecution hot line, the

    single window hot line at the Department of Corrections, Ministry of Justice and several other c

    ommunication channels to receive voice broadly as a reference for improving our work.

VI. Service Hour


         A. General Administration Affairs
              Monday to Friday, A.M. 08: 00~12: 00 and P.M. 13: 30~17: 30.

         B. Office Hour for Application for Visit
              1. Monday to Friday and every first Sundays, A.M. 08: 00~11: 00 and P.M. 13: 30~16: 00. 
              2. For continuous holidays and festivals, notices will be posted in advance.


VII. Our Promise

A. Our staff will carry out services for citizens with the goal of “enthusiasm, efficiency and quality”.
B. We modify and simplify work procedures, and ask staff to “deal immediately upon your arrival”

    with applicants’ applications.
C. We strictly ask our staff to understand work procedures and contents and receive latest news so

    as to provide applicants with the quickest and most correct information.
D. We have sympathy toward the applicants and solve problems by the “mutual communication”

E. We value comments and suggestions from the public and accept critics honestly so as to meet the

    need of the public.

VIII. The Correspondence Method of Our Prison

If you are unhappy about our services or our staff are not polite in treating you or in answering the

phone, or if our staff did not reply to cases without explanation, or our staff disobey civil servant’

regulations, please tell us. We will correct our mistake and give you a satisfactory answer. If you

have any new opinions or reformation ideas, please tell us for our reference.


Our address:  No.700, Sect. 6 Ji-an Road, Ji-an Township, Hualien County 97362, Taiwan.

          Hot line: 
          Secretary Office: 03-8525105
          Guard and Control Section: 03-8532352
          Civil Service Ethics Office: 03-8524302

          Our website: (http: //www.hlp.moj.gov.tw).
          E-mail: (hlpb@mail.moj.gov.tw). 

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