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Our features regarding Hygiene and Medical Treatment

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  • Last updated:2022-06-22
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A. Preventive Medicine

(a) Environmental Sanitation:

1. We hold a workshop environmental evaluation in each office every month. We hope that our inmates will develop good sanitation habits. Thus a clean and comfortable environment can be created.
2. There is environmental antibacterial work in every office and workshop every fortnight. We regularly spray disinfectant to eliminate contagious mosquitoes as a medium of contagious diseases
3. Our staffs who work in the kitchen need to pass a hepatitis inspection. In order to prevent hepatitis infection, we require our staff to keep the kitchen clean. We also have strict control of the temperatures of the ice room and cold storage. Our food is assured as to its freshness so that our inmates can keep healthy.

(b) Sanitation & Health Education:

We cooperate with Hualien Hospital of the Department of Health, Public Health Bureau, and Red Cross and other public-service groups to regularly hire lecturers to promote ‘Course on CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)’ ‘Education and Films of AIDS Prevention,’ ‘Sex Diseases, AIDS, Chronicle Diseases and other Health Education,’ ‘Prevention of Pulmonary Tuberculosis,’ ‘Smoking Quitting and Prevention,’ and other forms of sanitation education.

(c) Drug Abuse Inspections:
In order to curb the inflow of drugs we enforce urine inspections on our inmates. Our prison is equipped with an automatic biochemical analysis instrument, automatic ferment immune analysis interpreting machine, inspection trials, etc. Regular and irregular inspections take place.

(d) Vaccine injection:
For terminating contagious diseases, we fully cooperate with the Disease Control Bureau, Public Health Bureau

(e) Inspections for Sexual Diseases, AIDS, Pulmonary Tuberculosis:
In cooperation with the Disease Control Bureau, Public Health Bureau of Hualien County, Public Health Bureau of Gian Hsiang, we have our inmates take a monthly inspection of diseases. If there is any suspected case, the inmate should be put in a patient ward under the condition of quarantine. A sick inmate should go for a double check and treatment. We carry out a yearly health check of all of the inmates in case there is any contagious case happening in the prison.

B. Medical Treatment in the Prison

(a) Health checks:
New inmates should take a health check from the medical staff to record their health conditions. Every week we have a contracted doctor to handle relevant matters in the prison. If there is any inmate who got injured, they have to report the details and deal with the situation. In the case of illness or physically uncomfortable conditions, inmates should go to the doctors for detailed treatments.

(b) Contracted Domiciliary Visits:
We signed contracts with Hualien Hospital, the Department of Health, Tzu Chi Hospital, Hualien Armed Force General Hospital. We signed contracts with eight doctors who offer medical services to our inmates. They are physicians, surgeons, home practice doctors, psychiatrists and obstetricians.

(c) Self-paid Medical Service:
In the prison, a Chinese medical and dental service is offered to our inmates who would like to pay themselves. It is more economical, compared with the way to go to see a doctor outside the prison in terms of time and expense. 

(d) Control over Special patients:

1. Patients with mental problems: Every week, there are doctors from Tzu Chi Hospital to offer diagnosis to the patients.
2. Pulmonary tuberculosis patients: The thoracic doctors from Hualien Hospital, the Department of Health and Hualien Armed Force General Hospital offer diagnosis. At the same time, we also work with Public Health Bureaus and Disease Control Bureau to file the records and follow-up treatments.
3. Patients with chronic diseases: We arrange for doctors to come to the prison to see the patients. They prescribe medicine to treat the patients to ease worsening health conditions.

(e) Patient Wards:
At present, our prison has 30 beds for patients with severe diseases, or for those who are slow movers, or who are aged, or who need injections, or those who are not emotionally stable, or who have contagious diseases and need to be put in quarantine. We separate patients into several types of rooms: Observation Rooms, Patient Wards, Single Wards, Pacification and Protection Rooms. We have well-trained guards to take care of the old, weak, handicapped and sick patients in these wards.

C. Hospitalization outside of the Prison

(a) Inmates inflicted with severe diseases. According to our doctors’ diagnosis, these patients need to be treated outside of the prison (either seeing a doctor in another hospital outside of the prison or in need of hospitalization). Thus our inmates (patients) can receive proper medical treatment.

(b) The main hospital which we cooperate with is Hualien Hospital, the Department of Health (equipped with four beds in our Security and Protection Ward). If our patients need special medical treatment, they will be sent to Tzu Chi Hospital, Mennonite Christian Hospital, or Hualien Armed Force General Hospital etc. and receive sound treatment.

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