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Daily Provision

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  • Last updated:2022-06-22
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A. Food & Nutrition

(a) Expenses on food & drinks for each inmate are NT$1,500. -- The amount of allowances is NT$200.- Additionally, there is 30% out of the operational surplus; 10% out of the surplus from the convenience store of the prison for supplementing the expenses on drinking and living of our inmates. Sales of rice and leftovers are both accounted into the expense on better daily food and a yearly banquet on Chinese New Year’s Eve. The food and nutrition offered here easily reach an average standard.

(b) Taking the demands of inmates into consideration, we offer numerous types of breakfast, including Mantou (Chinese Plain-Flavored Cake), soybean drink, rice and peanut drink, congee, salty congee and other various choices of breakfast. Every lunch and dinner feature special items and extras. When a cold front approaches in the winter, we offer our inmates ginger soup to fight against the cold. In summer, we offer our inmates 2 to 3 times daily refreshing drinks or deserts such as red bean soup, green bean soup, or fanyuan (Taiwanese dewy desert), ciancal (a kind of herbal drink). Besides being supervised by the director, all of the meal will also be presented at the counter to inmates’ families who wish to know the condition of the foods. About purchasing by-product food, we open an invitation to bid via online, according to the kinds of food, once every half a year.

(c) An inmate representative and some of our staff in charge of food organize a food committee. They meet once each month for dealing the issues on food. Our staffs would listen to the opinions of the inmate representative. As expected, we offer correctly-balanced and good food to our inmates. At the same time, we also care for hygiene and nutrition. Very often we put feasible suggestion into practice, that is, we adjust the offer of foods for our inmates in the next term. The conclusion of the food meeting will be announced in every workshop so that the inmates can know about the discussion and bring their opinions.

 (d) We cooperate with the kitchen to achieve safe hygiene management. We have bought an automatic cutting machine, a soybean drink maker, a liquid extracting machine, a dough fermenting machine, a high pressure steaming cooking pot, an ice producing machine and a high-efficiency refrigerator, primary and secondary food warming containers and other equipment. Thus we can assure food quality and offer clean, delicious food to our inmates.

B. Clothes / Bed Quilts

Based on what an inmate pays, we would give out T-Shirts, shorts, and short-sleeved clothes in summer. In winter, we would provide a jacket, long pants, long-sleeved clothes, cotton-made underwear, etc. We would also distribute items according to the demands of our inmates such as a quilt, bed cover, and other daily supplies.

C. Residence / Workshops

(a) There are group rooms and single rooms for our inmates. These rooms offer much space. In each ward, there is a ventilating machine to draw in and out the air, a hanging fan on the ceiling, and solar-powered light. We assure that the light and air are fair in these rooms.

(b) In every workshop there is a large TV set with a cable. Inmates have many choices of TV programmes. We also set a small TV with digital signal receiver in every ward. We have improved bad reception so that there is a better visual and audio effect.

(c) We deliver hot water from two hot water boilers to every ward, the dorm of the female ward chiefs and patient wards for showering in winter.

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